Absolute Mole Control
How About Us….

With curiosity as it is, compelled with the desire to know with surety you’re
getting quality service and products, you may want to know a bit more about
the origins of Trap Free Mole Control. It is a true American story.

Mike started as a young man working for his father as a pest control
operator and mole exterminator in the early 1980’s servicing a wide variety
of pest needs for the North Puget Sound area. He is well versed in pest
control solutions including mice, rats, termites, bees, and more. However,
with the onset of a new law banning traps, Mike felt it necessary to focus on
a new method of mole control: a trap free method. Yet none in the past had
success in this endeavor, but the desire to continue servicing customers
using a trap-less and safer method inspired Mike to develop a better and
unique way to control moles.

The Goal: To successfully control moles without the use of dangerous, band
scissor traps. To shorten the time needed to eradicate the mole infestation
using a method safe for families and pets.
The Discovery: A method with such success that Mike decided to begin his
own locally owned, family business. In fact,Trap Free Mole Control uses
only this system to service customers. He created a baiting system known
as Molezilla. Seeing the ease in which he performed his mole extermination,
customers began asking to purchase Molezilla, thus began the patent and
manufacturing process of this unique and easy to use baiting system.

Today you can find Absolute Mole Control on the web at www.molezilla.com
to learn more about offered services or to discover more about mole
behavior. You may also see our ads on numerous cable and local channels.
Also, we encourage you to visit us at local home & garden shows and fairs.
Mike loves to talk moles and encourages you to learn about Molezilla, the
safest, easiest way to get back that mole-free lawn.